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Creature of the week: Tyrannosaurus rex skull: FMNH PR 2081, or better "Sue" is and remains one of the largest and most impressive theropods known, measuring a whole 12,3m in axial lenght and probably weighing in at more than 6t, and of those it is definitely the most complete. Despite the name, sue's gender is unknown, it might be male. The skull of this specimen, despite being badly crushed, is exceptioanlly well preserved--and yet the size figures vary quite a bit depending on how it is decrushed. The most complete osteology of a theropod that I'm aware of lists the dimension given in the diagram. This specimen is definitely among the widest, most voluminous tetrapod skulls known. Surprisingly, and despite T. rex reputation concerning its bite force as well as for being particularly big headed, among of the records sue does not hold are both skull depth and lenght. Maybe the most well known specimen of any dinosaur, and certainly one of the most important ones.

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